Storm QC v2.2 – This easy-to-use software performs the necessary computations for quantitative stormwater design in land development and transportation engineering.  The software has been rigorously tested in both professional and academic settings for engineering accuracy, using the latest time tested and widely recognized hydrologic and hydraulic methods.  Storm QC was developed for both land development and transportation professionals needing stand-alone, integrated toolsets to model rainfall and runoff, create storage/elevation and rating curves, and perform both channel and reservoir routing using multiple methods.  With an intuitive, easy-to- use, professional user interface, Storm QC was designed, programmed, and tested by engineers who have years of experience both designing stormwater infrastructure and educating others in the latest hydrologic practices.

This short video will describe the features of Storm QC v2.2:  Click Here for the Video…


If you’d like to download a free 2-week, full functional trial version, click below.  Using the trial version, you will be able to step through all of the demo problems in the user manuals or use it on your own project.

Download the Storm QC v2.2 trial version

Product Features:

  • Travel Time Methods: NRCS segmental, Seelye, Overland, Kirpich, Kinematic Wave, Watershed Lag
  • Rainfall Module: NRCS Types I, IA, II, III; NRCS NEH (2015); NOAA A, B, C, D; Custom User-defined
  • Peak Flow Methods: Rational, NRCS TR-55, USGS Rural & Urban Regression for VA, Anderson, Snyder
  • Hydrograph Generation: NRCS Curvilinear UH, User Input, Triangular/Trapezoidal, TR-55, Modified Rational, Deconvolution, Combining Hydrographs
  • Channel Routing: Muskingum, Muskingum/Cunge, Modified Att-Kin, NRCS Convex methods
  • Storage/Elevation: Contour Area, Pipe Storage, Manhole Storage, Media-Based BMPs, Manual Curve methods
  • Outlet Structures/Reservoir Routing: Rating curves for many types of structures including Circular Orifice, Rectangular Orifice, Rectangular Weir, V-notch Weir, Riser Structure, Discharge Pipe with full culvert inlet/outlet control FHWA methodology, Modified Puls routing with Basin Drawdown and Bypass/Infiltration capabilities
  • Additional Miscellaneous Tools: Swale and Pipe Design, Detention Basin Storage Estimator, CN and C Factor Weighting, Virginia Energy Balance Calculator

These are screen shots from Storm QC…(click to enlarge)

With Storm QC, you’ve got all of the design tools at your disposal in a quick, easy-to-use, and very accurate piece of engineering software.  Now put it to good use!