Frequently Asked Questions


How are your products delivered to customers?  All of our products are provided as a digital download, we do not distribute our products using CD, DVD, or other tangible media.

 Do you provide product support after purchase?  We provide full customer support for the duration of the license period for all of our products.  Customers with questions regarding purchased products should contact us by email at support@landdesigntechnologies.com.  Customers should expect a response with 24 hours.

 Where can I view the software license agreement?  The software license agreement for products can be found here

Are your products available only for single-seat licensing or do you offer network licensing?  At this time our products are only licensed for single seat usage and are locked to an individual computer.  We do not support network licenses, but may do so in the future.   



Storm QC v. 2.0

Does the Storm QC software generate results acceptable to government agencies?  Our staff are all currently faculty in the water resources group at Virginia Tech with significant consulting experience in stormwater and land development.  During development of the Storm QC product, we worked with government agencies in testing to ensure complete and full compliance in the results.  We are currently working with multiple agencies to gain official recognition and approval of the product and will be producing a list of these agencies as those approvals are received.

What types of data are required to use this software?  The user supplies basic site data for computation of Travel time, Design Storms, CN and/or C Factors, Peak Flow Methods, Hydrographs, Channel Routing, Storage/Elevation Curves, Outlet Structures, Reservoir Routing, Swale and Pipe Design, and other design tools.  These data are commonly required to perform any of these computations.

How is data output from the software?  Output from Storm QC is written to a color PDF document.  This output document summarizes both user-specified input data as well as computed results which appear visually similar to those computed onscreen.  Output is structured in a way to be easy to interpret for both designers and regulatory reviewers.

This product seems to be of great value to consultants and designers.  What about municipalities and other government entities?  As stormwater regulations have become increasingly complex, municipal stormwater reviewers have faced the same challenges as consultants in both interpreting and implementing the regulations.  Our goal in creating Storm QC was to develop a product capable of performing these complicated and integrated stormwater computations as efficiently and accurately as possible.  We believe that this product is of equal value to reviewers and designers alike.